Re: imagemap points and filters

Carlos A. Varela (
Fri, 8 Jul 1994 02:59:14 -0500

On Jul 7, 21:13, Kevin Hughes wrote:
| --- Subject: Re: imagemap points and filters
| > I've made an addition to imagemap. If one or more "point"
| > entries appear in the list, and no region-based (ie, non-point) entry
| > succeeds, the closest (in the usual metric) point will be selected.
| > Just find the center of each of your targets, write them down, etc.
| >
| > ...
| >
| > 1) Has anyone else made changes like these? If so, I
| > apologize for the redundancy. :-)
| I don't know of anyone who's made changes like these, they
| sound great!

Yes, it sounds very good for people which don't need a lot of precision
in their image mapping, which are most of the current applications.

| > 3) If there is interest, how shall I post the mods?
| I would by default send any mods, bugs, and patches to Rob McCool,
| since he integrated it with NCSA's server in the first place. If anyone
| is willing to maintain the "official" version of NCSA's imagemap program,
| you should send mail to him.

Please send any requests and additions to NCSA, through

Rob is not working with NCSA this summer but if you want to reach him, you
can do so at

We are planning on having a new version of NCSA httpd (v1.4) by the end of
the summer. If you have any great ideas or suggestions, please don't
hesitate to let us know (

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