Re: The Superhighway Steamroller

Nick Kramer (
Sat, 2 Jul 1994 16:16:04 -0400 (EDT)

Excerpts from solman@MIT.EDU
> I suppose I will speak in the minority when I state that I
> thought Mr. Hart's articles were extremelly well written
> and thought provoking, although marred by inaccuracies, poor
> comparisons and a lack of serious solutions.

I found the article(s) to be incoherent. There were a lot of facts and
half truths brought up, but there was very little to tie them all
together. There was no solution proposed; there wasn't even a
description of "the problem." He also never actually condemned the Web;
he merely repeated what many of us say (albeit inaccurately). And yet,
here on www-talk we seem very defensive. Why?

-Nick Kramer