Format of ProtocolVersion in HTTP/1.0

Simon E Spero (
Thu, 30 Jun 94 21:07:26 -0400

[Note to Tim : the postscript version of the http spec in the internet-drafts
archive is out of date (it's passed its expiry date, and several things are
wrong. Can you ask somebody to remove it, and post a pointer to a more
up to date postscript version?]

As it now stands, ProtocolVersion is defined simply as HTTP/1.0, and nothing
is there to say that in the future other versions will be in the format
HTTP/%f. Is this what is in fact intended, and if so, much the version
be treated as an atomic string?

If a version string is unrecognised, is a server permitted to attempt to
treat the request as if it were HTTP/1.0, or must it ignore any request
headers and treat the request as an HTTP 0.9 query?


I'll be posting responding to the various messages on FHTTP
later on tonight.