Re: The Superhighway Steamroller

David L. Bergart (
Wed, 29 Jun 1994 13:17:22 +0800 says:
...but I do wonder why anyone thinks a reasonable human would
prefer to read a novel on a VT100 monitor rather than out of a 75 cent
paperback from a used book store or a hardcover volume from the local

Yes, I *would* prefer to read a used paperback or a nice hardcover from the
library, but I live in Taiwan. The selection of books available in English is
zip. There are no used English book stores, and the library, for some strange
reason, has nothing but books in Chinese. I just finished _The prisoner of
Zenda_ ala P.G. There is no way I could have read it here in a book, other
than by ordering it from overseas. I'll be frank -- if I could have found a
nice HTML formated version I would have read it instead.

But I couldn't.

Rather than ranting about how worthless P.G. stuff is (or how yucky a VT100
terminal is), get off the damn pot and produce something to compete with it.
I do *not* mean another fancy protocol, browser, or theoretical argument. I
mean some actual, readable, accessible, worth-the-effort-ot-downloading-them
novels, plays, short stories, essays,...what have you.

P.G. may be crude, it may be all of the things it is called on this list, but
it produces books.

BTW, I've tried rolling steam, but it always unrolls. Does anybody know how
to prevent this?