Re: Checkbox and Forms

Mary Morris (marym@Finesse.COM)
Mon, 27 Jun 1994 15:07:49 +0800

Have you checked out the Forms tutorial found at

The checkbox example there evidently also uses a VALUE={text_string}
If the checkbox comes back checked VALUE is set to that string. If
the box isn't checked the VALUE field comes back NULL. At least
that is how I read the tutorial. I haven't tried this myself yet.

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> Yet again, please help. I am putting together an "order form" through
> which a user may select certain items or files, supply name and comments,
> and submit. Currently my form uses the checkbox, i.e.:
> <INPUT TYPE="checkbox">Some order item here
> How does the "checked" item info get passed to the form to be included in the
> email message? The output contains everthing entered into the text fields
> and TEXTAREA fields, but contains nothing from the selected CHECKBOX options.
> Pardon my ignorance. I look forward to any responses. Please send them
> to:
> Thanks.