Re: The Superhighway Steamroller

Sarr Blumson (
Mon, 27 Jun 1994 09:23:40 -0400

Nick Arnett writes:

If these articles hadn't come from Prof. Hart, I'd ignore them, but his
project is so interesting that I can't. I'm also interested because I've
decided to focus on digital libraries and I'm involved in building one or
at least the infrastructure to create it.

Idea rejecting html like rejecting article & punctuation maybe even grammar
save bandwidth Sure you can but why go backwards New media call for new
grammar style punctuation cover pages etc like for gutenberg (Just thought
I'd take us back in time to when things were more "efficient.")

My understanding is that there is a little more context here. Project
Gutenberg is also under attack from archivists and scholars who argue that
plain ascii is inherently incapable of conveying the complete content of a
text. The is the point of, for example, the Text Encoding Initiative, yet
another SGML DTD for the storage and dissemination of "important" texts.

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