Is text/html registered with IANA?
Thu, 23 Jun 1994 07:27 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Please unsubscribe

Sorry, I know that it is against basic netiquette, but since more than
a week I try to unsubscribe to this mailing-list with all imaginable
*-request addresses.
The requests never bounce, but neither have a result. :(

Please unsubscribe me to this mailing list !

sorry r.

I'm not alone! I think there must be dozens of us (maybe
even thousands) lost in the morass of www-talk. I have sent
enumerable msgs to the listmaster address and I'm still being
inundated with www-talk. A couple weeks ago, someone named
Art Secret, who works at CERN took me off the list, but all
of a sudden this week, I'm being flooded again with www-talk.
Arrrrrgh! Let me know if you figger' out how to get outa'
here. Thanks.