mirror for www?

Luis Gonzalo Aller Arias (GONZALO@cicei.ulpgc.es)
Sun, 19 Jun 1994 19:35:00 GMT


I'm setting up a www server here. I have succesfully
installed a ISMAP and I'm almost ready to say: "hello world" 8).
It's really amazing the things this system is capable to do!.
I have read about the bots, spiders, and other programs that
can be used to retrieve information through the web; I'm really
I now have a little problem. When I see a html of interest,
I would like to retrieve it, to read it locally and avoid to connect
a lot of times. If the page doesn't have too much links it can be
done by hand, but if it's very leafy (with local Links) I think that
surely there is a perl (or C,...) program that can retrieve the html
and all its local links. or even better, that works like mirror,
using the dates to make updates, etc... am I right?... if don't, I'll
try to do the program by myself 8).

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