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Wed, 15 Jun 1994 22:09 -0500 (EST)

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J.P.Knight said:
> On Wed, 15 Jun 1994 wrote:
> > One problem there. Is vsafecsh available for mac, pc/windows, NeXT,
> > Amiga ...
> No, but neither are alot of the tools I use it to launch.

One presumes this situation, of course, is temporary.

> > Larry's solution had the merit of platform independence which c shell,
safe or
> > otherwise, does not.

vsafecsh has little if anything to do with the C shell. (Why, then, is it
after it? I dunno.) As far as existing shells go, it's probably closer to rc
than the Bourne shell or C shell. But yes, clearly vsafecsh wasn't intended
to provide portability.

> Ah, but (in my case at least) vsafecsh is launching more than one
> application simulatenously with different command line arguments. Its
> these arguments that are in the script passed out from the server as the
> document. Can you get MIME to launch multiple applications each with its
> own arguments? If so, I'd agree with you that a MIME type would be nicer.

Er, I don't exactly know what you're driving at, but if you mean what I think
you mean the content-type "multipart/parallel" should do what you want.
Whether most existing browsers will actually do this today is a different
matter, given the incredibly poor MIME handling that some (most?) have.

- Marc