Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem?

Vinay Kumar (vinay@eit.COM)
Wed, 15 Jun 94 10:40:02 PDT

I am not sure if i have followed the entire conversation thread here, so
apologize in advance if this doesn't make sense.

I get the sense that you want todo a point-to-point or multicast session
instantiated via Mosaic. Well, i did something a while ago that supports
point-to-point audio/video sessions using some of the Mbone tools instantiated
via application/x-mmphone.

You may take a peek at Mmphone at

To use it, you will need to
and add an entry to your .mailcap that looks like
application/x-mmphone; %s

And this could easily be upgraded to support multicast sessions as well, just
haven't had the time.

  Vinay Kumar

> From: Larry Masinter <> > > I suggested setting up: > application/x-mcast-session > to be `a text file with a list of address/port descriptions for multicast > audio and video'. > > but I like setting up a new MIME type for mcast-session because it is > nominally less operating-system dependent than a `x-csh' type. > > Oh, I suppose one could do a 'vsafecsh' for Windows that actually only > special cases a couple of shell commands, but it seems wrong to load > it all into one media type. >