Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem?

Larry Masinter (
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 23:34:03 PDT

> we have developed and released the CMPlayer
> which plays MPEG movies (both audio and video) across a network.
> We are interested in interfacing the CMPlayer with NCSA Mosaic. In
> some of the preliminary work, we've studied HTTP and, of course,
> surveyed similar efforts across the Internet.

One way to get a web client to launch something that then deals
asynchronously with an information source is to do it with new MIME

* create a new mime type, e.g.,


and define it as, for example, an ascii text file with, for example,
a URL in it.

* modify CMPlayer so that it takes a URL
You might want to restrict this, to, say, gopher: URLs, just
to keep the implementation simple.
* change your mailcap so that application/x-cmplayer-connection
will launch CMPlayer
* Have the link to the MPEG movie return the URL of the movie as

That is, don't expect your web browser to be asynchronous, just have it
launch another application which is.

I think a similar setup is useful for allowing someone to open up a
VAT or NV multi-cast session via the web: have the definition for
be `a text file with a list of address/port descriptions for multicast
audio and video'.

This adds a level of indirection, but allows you to use current
browsers without recompiling and fairly minimal reconfiguration.