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Below is the agenda for the next SIGWEB meeting in Berkeley, California.

Time: Thursday 16 June 1994, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: 155 Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley campus

Details concerning meeting location and parking will be posted separately.
Questions concerning this meeting may be directed to John Kunze
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2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

1. Announcements
- Chris McRae, SIGWEB President

2. "Webmaster Basics"
- Kevin Hughes, Enterprise Integration Technologies
Some fundamental but not so obvious techniques for setting up and
designing World-Wide Web sites, with examples.

3. "Exhibitspace Meets Cyberspace"
- David Polly, Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley
A brief introduction to the museum's server and the philosophy behind
its organization and appearance. Principles for dealing with complexity
of organization, navigation, etc. within the server itself are explained.

4. "Beyond URLs: Uniform Resource Identifiers"
- John A. Kunze, Information Systems & Technology, UC Berkeley
The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the vital link that makes the Web
easy to navigate, but it is just one of a family of links, names, and
characteristics envisioned to solve broader information retrieval problems.


6. "Cultivating TULIP: Image Delivery Via X and Z39.50"
- Genevieve Engel and Gerda van Petersen, Library Automation, UCOP
TULIP is a joint project of Elsevier Science Publishers and the University
of California and other US universities to deliver bitmapped page images
to users' computer displays. This will be a review of UC's implementation
of TULIP on the MELVYL system using the Z39.50 and X protocols.

7. "Sequoia 2000 - Networked Interaction with Petabytes of Global Change Data"
- Ira Machefsky, Digital Equipment Corporation
Sequoia 2000 is a collaboration between computer scientists and earth
scientists to develop technology for networked interaction with massive
heterogeneous data sets comprised of text, numbers, models, images, and
video. This talk will describe the Sequoia 2000 testbed and detail some
of the recent results of research being conducted at five UC campuses.

8. "Image Isn't Everything"
- Randy Ballew and Tom Duncan, Info. Systems & Tech., UC Berkeley
Experiences and wisdom building image databases.

9. "NEEDS: National Engineering Education Delivery System"
- Alice Agogino and Bill Wood, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley
Demonstration of NINa, part of the National Engineering Education
Delivery System (NEEDS) developed within the Synthesis NSF Engineering
Education Coalition. NINa is a multimedia database search and browse
system that links bibliographic, SQL, and WAIS databases through the WWW.

Meeting Ends 5:00 pm

SIGWEB is an organization started in October 1993 to facilitate
communication between practitioners of a field known generally as
Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (NIDR) within the Bay
Area and surrounding region. Past events have included presentations
by leaders in the development of the World Wide Web and its client
interfaces, Wide Area Information Service (WAIS), Gopher, Internet
infrastructure, commercial applications of the Internet (e.g. CommerceNet),
etc. All aspects of NIDR, from technical details and software applications,
through standards and end-user applications are open topics of discussion.
SIGWEB is an all volunteer run group welcoming participation from all
interested individuals.

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