Re: Subset display in dir index (was: Auto download...)

Markus Stumpf (
Fri, 10 Jun 1994 03:31:00 +0200 (Robert Denny) writes:

>Where would we get the titles for the (non HTML) files?

There is currently an IETF working group on IAFA (Internet Anonymous
FTP Archives). We are using it heavily for out FTP archive and have
up to now about 2250 such files. I havs a little perl script that uses
this information and automatically generates (more or less) nice
looking directory indexes.
You may take a look at
(for the last one look into the macintosh or pc subdirectories)

I think however, we shouldn't put all this stuff into the server, but
have other mechanisms generate the info and the server to look out
for special files and use those, like the NCSA http does for files
named index.html


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