Effective ways to comment on the HTML 2.0 spec

Daniel W. Connolly (connolly@hal.com)
Thu, 09 Jun 1994 08:03:59 -0500

Here are some more and less effective ways to comment on
the 2.0 spec:

* "I'd like to see HTML extended to include ..."
This is out of the scope of the 2.0 effort. We're trying
to be largely descriptive of current practice. www-talk
is still an OK forum for these comments... Dave Ragget
is always listening. But I have blinders on.

* "Here's a proposal for an HTML extension ... [proposed
spec extension included]"
I might have time to stick this in as a proposed feature.
No guarantees.

* "In http:...., you wrote XXX, which is wrong. What
actually happens is YYY"
I'll try to address these, but this format doesn't
save me any time -- it only creates work for me to do.

* "The http:.... node isn't quite right. Here's a replacement
[or diffs] and a few test cases to demonstrate the
Bingo. You're nearly guaranteed to get your comments in
if you submit them this way.

Thank you for your support.