Why go w3

Thu, 9 Jun 94 12:38 BST

Why get a wheel?

We have a presentation to our VC his two lieutenants and our HOD next
Monday. We're primarily showing our hypertext course and module
information database - still under dev. The VC has a reputation - he
removed even the *MAC* from his desk. We plan to show the CourseInfo
database from a wider point of view - central master store for this data,
easily accessible from anywhere in the institution or beyond, etc. This is
not strictly our show - it's the registry. We have been lucky in that we
have one or two non Computing people here who have gotten excited and have
been in a position to prepare large quantities of data for the services.

Getting someone outside your department, on the data prep and input side
helps immeasurably - these things then develop their own momentum. Our IP
of the month (year actually) has developed the data collection, preparation
and uploading into a gn-2.07 server all by his lonesome. We now have a
product inside the general reaons for going w3. This might not help but
the point is any ally is useful at this stage.

Al. <-:< (zpalastair@grid.unl.ac.uk)