Thu, 9 Jun 94 10:48 BST

A quick word.

www-talk sounds pretty open-ended a name. There are probably a number of
lists that could be run around the w3-*. w3-phil, w3-tech, w3-html,
w3-docs(.ps,.txt,.html,.jpg,.gif,.etc), www-info. I suggest that two are
called for at present. www-talk should spawn a technical list www-tech to
discuss technical issues: clients, servers, related technologies - wais,
gopher, gn. If people want to keep www-talk for technical issues then I
suggest a www-info to group all the rest temporarily.

w3 is absolutely brilliant. The very business. I don't claim to be an
expert on anything but I have a message for Tim Berners-Lee: may your
children's children's children be fruitful.

Cotton candy? - I can see a whole universe of stars, planets, moons, comets
and more than a little cosmic debris forming out there. If anybody finds a
black hole (if any one says my server I'll cry) let me know.

Al. <-:< (zpalastair@grid.unl.ac.uk)