Matthew and Jake's Adventures

Wed, 08 Jun 94 23:26:19 EDT

Matthew and Jake, webmasters at,
proudly announce the "Matthew and Jake's Adventures" page!



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Hey! Look <a href="">what's new</a> on the
<a href="">MIT SIPB WWW Server</a>!
<a href="">Matthew</a> and
<a href="">Jake</a> proudly announce the <strong>
<a href="">Matthew and Jake's Adventures</a></strong> page, an
exemplary demonstration of integrated
hypermedia narrative. Really. Look for new adventures every week. Current
<li><a href="">Matthew and Jake Fly a Kite</a>
<li><a href="">Matthew and Jake go to the LSC Party</a>
<li><a href="">Matthew and Jake put a CP Car on the Dome</a>