Information - what is it?

Wed, 8 Jun 94 11:40 BST

Bob Raisch writes @ Tue, 7 Jun 1994 11:06:45 +0200:


>Information has no handles or hooks, no tabs or slots. It is
>uniquely formable but cannot be fixed.

>What you can do is to observe it "in process."

Lying in bed last night I thought of information on the web in terms of
candy floss. I probably spend too much time on usenet (sorry) but the
image is not bad. A needle in a haystack also springs to mind.

Information is all things to all men, all women. Our own particular needle,
vector(?), is what we want and our problem is how to find it. E=mc2 (can't
quite format that one) is information about the world which is completely
packageable - it matters and it means something. It is also a starting
point for Manhattan to North Korea.

This is my favourite list.

Tell me to shut up.

Al. <-:< (