WIT - W3 Interactive Talk

Ari Luotonen (luotonen@ptsun00.cern.ch)
Mon, 6 Jun 94 02:03:40 +0200

As brainstromed at WWW'94, I've now written a set of CGI scripts that make
it possible to have interactive discussions in the Web. It's called WIT,
W3 Interactive Talk. The pre-alpha version of the prototype (got it? :-))
is running on info.cern.ch:


Read more about it in the WIT; and USE THE WIT to discuss it, don't
flood my mailbox with feature requests. :-)

Bare in mind that this was put together in a big hurry in a few days
so forgive me if it doesn't do yet all the things that it could do.

Have fun WIT'ting around!

-- Cheers, Ari --