Re: meta information (and why www-html ?)

Fisher Mark (
Thu, 02 Jun 94 12:07:00 PDT

Roy T. Fielding said in <>:
>In fact, I think it would be a better idea to just change the list name
>to "www-developers" and thus make it easier for newbees to see that we
>aren't talking about "how to use" issues.
I agree. Although at some sufficient level of abstraction WWW and HTML are
separate topics, the two are so tightly intertwined (IMHO) that it is
worthless for me to even bother to try personally archiving HTML messages
separately from WWW messages -- they are all dumped in the same folder (MS
Mail :)). If HTML use on the Web drops to only a small percentage of total
Web use, I for one will reconsider the split idea.
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