Re: Security (was Re: Style Sheets for HTML)

Fisher Mark (
Tue, 31 May 94 15:25:00 PDT

Thus said Jon P. Knight in <Pine.3.05.9405310908.A4843-b100000@suna>:
>It depends where you come from, who you are and what you're doing. If
>you're a relatively well off resident of a fully developed nation, $1
>might well be much less than your time spent searching for the
>information would cost. However, if you're poor, $1 might seem like an
>awful lot and you're time would be effectively free in comparison, so
>you'd probably hunt out the pirate copy. Also, say you wanted
>information on all the countries in the world; then you $1/entry could turn
>into a several hundred dollar query. Thats an awful lot of paper
I think the "chunking" idea is still the way to go. Any useful browser
under the current window systems will let the user copy the information
somehow (even if has to be screen-shot by screen-shot). Just a basic
fact-of-life/feature/opportunity/bug in computing.

It will be interesting (if I live that long) to see how society copes with
the ability to copy physical objects cheaply under nanotechnology...
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