Re: (g.bird 3134) Windows NCSA Web Server Home Page

Graham Bird (
Mon, 30 May 94 10:46:27 +0100

I would be interested in knowing what requirements you have of testers. (I
have seen your later mail making it clear that you do want testers NOT

I am looking at putting up a server shortly, so this could fit in quite nicely.


At 05:28 AM 29/5/94 +0200, Robert Denny wrote:
>I have set up a Web home page for the Windows httpd effort. NO RUDE NOISES
>NOW, it's FTP-based! I'm trying to get Netcom to alias my directory tree
>on, meanwhile it's embarassing for a server developer to be
>using FTP. I have no "real" internet hookup.
>There is a new "quick release" patch in /pub/rdenny that fixes Paddy
>Waldron's "trailing slash on valid file" crash.
>If anyone is fluent in Visual Basic and would like to participate in
>developing (NOT USING, DEVELOPING) the back end interface, please let me
>know by mail.
> -- Bob
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