Re: Suggestion: URL string-search syntax

Gavin Nicol (
Sun, 29 May 1994 09:43:53 +0500

>Also, what about the Nth occurance instead of the first?
>Given that you're considering texts of which you are not the author,
>this might be a really handy addition, eh?

There is another problem too. SGML is inherently structured, and
current URL's offer no standard sub-document naming method, nor
support for TOC's etc. I have a short SGML document describing a
scheme that overcomes the problems (in the short term at least). If
anyone is interested, let me know. If sufficinet interest is shown,
I'll post it to the list. The basic idea is simply to do this:


but there are other ideas in the paper as well (like named TOC's etc.)