Re: Using Mosaic and HTTPD with multiple network interfaces

Christian L. Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Sat, 28 May 1994 20:32:02 -0700 (PDT)

Ugly hack:
hack the client to send a
Reply-To: <ip-address>
along with its other HTTP requests (Accept: foo/bar ...).

Then hack the server so it groks Reply-To. That's the software
version of fixing this - it sucks because it ties you to this
particular server and this particular client.

Better hack:
Hack the IP interface to reroute packets going down to PPP1 to
FR1. Still ugly - and loses if you only want to redirect Mosaic
packets. (or vice-versa: get PPP to make believe it is on frame
relay. Get Mosaic to lie about its present IP address... This
requires that the FR client (? - what is on the FR node anyway?)
to lie convincingly too.

Best hack:
Avoid the situation altogether; live with slow PPP connection
or drop PPP altogether...

Christian "eeew - ugleee"