Re: Cache woes.
Fri, 20 May 1994 15:34:44 +0039 (GMT-0:21)

Dan Connolley wrote:
@ It is also safe to change:
@ GET HTTP/1.0
@ to
@ GET HTTP/1.0
@ though it is NOT safe to mess with /, ?, ;, or = chars.

And Ari Luotonen wrote.
@ It should be safe; however, as you can see from httpd 3.0pre5 release
@ notes, it was indeed causing problems with bad servers which expect
@ legal characters to be escaped, or vice versa. So in other words, pre5
@ and later don't do it anymore.

Hrm, okay, so in the future it should be okay. The cache in question was
a CERN one, no idea what version, that was translating '=' to %3D which
as Dan said is erm "NOT safe". That was the only thing I could see
causing problems (BTW from what I am told - not had a chance to check -
the BNF says that = should be escaped. Is that right?)

If Ari wants I can find out which version...


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