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Thu, 19 May 94 21:27:57 +0200

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CERN httpd is a generic hypertext server which can be used as a
regular HTTP server running typically on port 80 to serve hypertext
and other documents, and also as a proxy -- a server on a firewall
machine -- that provides access for people inside a firewall to the
outside world. When running as proxy httpd may be configured to
do caching of documents resulting in faster response times and lower
impact on the network traffic to the outside world.

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CERN httpd 3.0pre5 is available, source code:

This package includes EVERYTHING, so don't ftp the libwww.
Precompiled binaries are supplied for Sun4, Solaris, HP, NeXT,
NeXT-386, Decstation Ultrix and DEC OSF/1 from:

Sun4 binary is compiled with direct WAIS support.

For Sun4 there is also a cern_httpd_3.0pre5-lresolv.tar.Z which
contains an httpd linked with the -lresolv option.

Online docs:

This is still a prerelease, so please go easy on us if you should
encounter problems. Correct address to send email about CERN httpd

Remote ident (RFC931) doesn't work under inetd; somebody help me!

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3.0 Prerelease 5

* New cache configuration directive CacheRefreshInterval for
specifying the maximum allowed time between consecutive up-to-date
checks regardless of expiry date. This is good for cases when it
is vital to always have the most up-to-date information even if
expiry date has been approximated to be too far off.
* CacheDefaultExpiry time no longer defaults to non-zero for FTP or
Gopher - it is always zero. I am thus forcing proxy maintainers to
explicitly set these values if they want to have FTP and Gopher
* Fixed the bug which caused proxy truncate binary HTTP0 responses.
* Fixed the bug that in the configuration file it wasn't possible to
do Map'pings onto a WAIS URL. Now it's possible to run httpd as a
WAIS gateway as well as a WAIS proxy.
* Fixed the bug with invalid last-modified fields confusing the
caching system.
* Fixed the bug with headers sometimes missing form the proxy reply
even though the original reply was HTTP1.
* Now passes proxy URL's that were un-Map'ped by the rule system as
they came in; this will fix the problems with servers that insist
on having their URL's encoded in a special, non-canonical form
* Fixed the bug that caused temporary backup files with IMG-GET to
be left behind (thanks to Shouichi Matsui for the fix).
* Fixed the bug that in a cascade of proxies the first proxy would
strip away the keywords.
* Fixed the bug that a-umlaut character caused Gopher listings to be
* Fixed the bug that daily garbage collection sometimes didn't
* Fixed the ProxyAccessLog (new & broken in pre4).
* Content-encoding with FTP works again; now clients can uncompress
transparently again (broken since 3.0pre1).
* README files in Directory listings containing "<", ">", and "&"
are now parsed corectly.
* Bug in FTP using short directory listings fixed. Also file sizes
are now shown as "-" and not "0" as before.
* FTP is now generally more robust and knows how to handle more
servers like Windows NT and OS/2.
* Multiline error messages understood by FTP.
* Gopher now handles characters like "<" in file titles.
* Error messages improved in Gopher, FTP and HTTP.
* Improved the code for CSO Name Server via Gopher.
* Added Sun3 to the BUILD script.

3.0 Prerelease 4

* IMPORTANT: CacheDefaultExpiry, CacheUnused and CacheClean are
now matched so that the first match is used, not the last one,

CacheDefaultExpiry */cgi-bin/* 0
CacheDefaultExpiry */htbin/* 0
CacheDefaultExpiry * 12 hours

now works as expected.
* Direct WAIS support on the proxy works again; WAIS support can be
compiled in by unpacking the freeWAIS-0.3 distribution in the same
directory as WWW and compiling it, uncommenting appropriate lines
from the platform specific makefile WWW/All/XXX/Makefile.include,
and then doing the normal BUILD in directory WWW.
* KeepExpired directive; if turned On the proxy will not remove
expired HTTP documents from the cache during regular garbage
collection but use up all the cache space, thus increasing the
effectiveness of if-modified-since [documents that have expired
are still usually not modified and become valid again after a
check from remote server].
* ProxyAccessLog for logging proxy accesses, i.e. accesses that were
not satisfied by the server in normal HTTP server mode, but
required an external connection from the proxy server.
* FTPDirInfo Top | Bottom | Off directive for specifying the
placement of FTP messages in FTP directory listings.
* DirShowHTMLTitles Off can be used to disable HTML TITLEs in the
directory listings.
* Proxy process now lowers its priority when it's doing garbage
collection, and when it's retrieving a document to cache but the
requesting user has interrupted the connection (thanks to Peter
Parnes for the idea!).
* Linux changes by Matt Ranney, thank you!
* Made socket lingering optional - in Linux it's causing problems,
and according to somebody it's not necessary at all. If I'm wrong
Linger On enables it again.
* ISC 3.0 port, thanks to Lauren Weinstein for it!
* Fixes the bug that standard icon set was initialized even when
there were icon settings in the configuration file.
* Added a kludge that sends a cursor-return and line-feed after CGI
script input (for scripts that do line-oriented reading).
* Nasty divide-by-zero situation and a random-memory-free in garbage
collection fixed, thanks to Henrik Nordstrvm!
* When a directory listing cache file (e.g. pub/www/src) gets moved
when a link in that listing is followed (e.g. to
pub/www/src/.cache_dirindex), a correct entry is now written to
.cache_info file, so that index no longer expires immediately.
* Directory browsing title/heading & parent directory link problem
for both HTTP and FTP fixed; now always correctly shows the
directory in the title, and gives the parent directory link for
all the others except root directory.
* Fixed the strange bug with large CGI script outputs having a MIME
header both before and after the response (happened when
MaxContentLengthBuffer size was exceeded).
* FTP module now returns a timeout message correctly. And yes, we
know that there are still weird FTP servers whose output is not
* DNSLookup directive for disabling the reverse DNS lookup to find
out the remote DNS hostname for cases when DNS seems to be a
bottleneck. Disabling this will naturally prevent the use of DNS
name templates in access control, and results in plain IP numbers
in the logfiles.
* ServerType StandAlone | Inetd directive to select the server type.
If not set will default to StandAlone if Port is defined or -p
option used, otherwise to Inetd.

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