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Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (
Thu, 12 May 94 19:50:30 +0100


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>I am looking for a program to retrieve Web documnents without having to
>use a browser like Mosaic. Ideally, I would like to type in the
>URL(s), and the program would go out and get the html document(s) for
>me. Can anyone recommend a currently available tool for this?

>Ideally, it should run, or be easily adaptable to run, on a Mac, but I
>have dos and Unix machines available as well. Source code is a big
>plus. Thanks in advance.
>John H. Davis III

A lot of people might think this is a joke, but the CERN Line Mode Browser is
still alive, all though it is not kicking as much as it could be ;-). Try
version 2.13, that you can get on (as source)

This is running together with CERN WWWlib 2.15 (same site). It is very easy
and fast in non-interactive mode and should run on anything that possibly can
be called a computer. At the same time it has some nice features like
LaTex-conversion etc. See

for more information


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