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Eric Katz (
Wed, 4 May 94 07:14:59 CDT

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We are very interested in any problems you have concerning connectivity and
are always changing to meet the growing need. If you have seen problems
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|: The situation with just got more bizar.
|: 1) for little more than week now I cannot get any html page
|: from ncsa. (which used to work before, and on my site nothing changed)
|: 2) while I cannot get anything from I *can* get it
|: indirectly via (which I use very little to test how
|: a page looks on a line mode browser)
|: so it has nothing to do with the server being busy or so, ncsa simply
|: refuses me to connect to (even telnet to port 80
|: results in: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
|: ping to ncsa works, and so does traceroute, the ftp port number works too
|: (allthough on there is no anonymous ftp, nor did I expect
|: it, it was just another test to see if I could reach them)
|: What happened?
|: - frans


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