Re: Who can express URL syntax with BNF

Lou Montulli (
Mon, 25 Apr 94 13:46:00 CDT

> Anyway... the way to disambiguate is to tell the client to give you
> more info in the path. For example, have the client send:
> GET /1234/textsearch?Name%20foo HTTP/1.0
> GET /1234/spacejump?777,888 HTTP/1.0
> Hmmm... actually, I think you've found a real problem: what if
> somebody wants to put both types of queries in one document? e.g. what
> if a node has both <ISINDEX> and <IMG ISMAP>, and the user enters
> "777,88" in the search text area? (Forms is not so much of a problem:
> you can put ACTION="/disambiguating/path" and give the server enough
> info to decide it's a form).
> It seems that this actually does need to be part of the protocol, and
> not just an application-specific use of the protocol.
In this case they should use:
<a href="SOME_OTHER_URL"><IMG ISMAP></a>

Since you can use seperate url's you can encode the specifics of the
operation in the URL even though the same CGI-BIN script is called.


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