WWW BOF at IEEE MM'94 Conference

Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund (sg04%kesser@gte.com)
Wed, 20 Apr 94 11:59:11 EDT

I would like to organize a WWW BOF (Birds-of-Feather) meeting for this
upcomming conference:

1994 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems
which is being held at the Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, from May 15-19.

I am arguably in a good situation to do this, since:

o The conference chair, Joe Boykin, is two doors down from me.
o I have a paper accepted at the conference.

BOF's are currently scheduled to run on Wednesday night.


Please send me topics that you feel would be appropriate.

This is what I see as a list of potential areas of discussion
[which I gleamed from: (a) my interests, (b) www-talk, (c)

o Developing a new multi-component architecture for WWW clients
o Hierachical caching strategies
o Spiders, Worms, and WebWalkers (i.e. automatic Web indexing)
o Author-driven Web indexing
o The direction of HTML+ is going
o Greater author control of document layout vs. SGML philosophy

I would be glad to hear from others who have ideas on how to
organize this meeting, and who will be attending IEEE MM'94.

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