Re: Revised Beginner's Guide to HTML available for perusal

John Labovitz (
Tue, 19 Apr 94 16:18:14 -0700

Daniel W. Connolly said:

> I agree that nothing in this primer should conflict with HTML
> specifications. I suggested to Mr. Chang that he encourage the use
> of <P> at the beginning rather than then end of paragraphs

That doesn't work so well in lynx (2.2). An example:

<P>an elephant
<P>a zebra

Lynx puts extra space between the header and the first paragraph.

When I explain to people about using <P>, I usually say that it
should be used only *between two text paragraphs*:

an elephant
a zebra

As long as the person understands that a "paragraph" is different
than a list item, a header, etc., this explanation works pretty well.

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