HTML -> MIF in ANIS C [Was: HTML -> RTF]

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 15 Apr 1994 17:08:30 -0500

In message <>, Dave Raggett writes:
>> This is an option that should be on all browser menus, especially
>> desktop ones. I am always wanting to build Real World documents from
>> stuff on the net (especially manuals) and this would be a great help.
>I would really like HTML->MIF for use with FrameMaker on my workstation!

I built an HTML->MIF converter a long time ago. It's probably somewhat
out of date by now, but it worked well at the time. And this is not the
www_and_frame version: this is just a few hundred lines of ANSI C
code. It wouldn't be much trouble to update it and add an RTF writing


Here's my current version of the README for that package:
(this version is probably not in the tar file on

README for HTML design code/ideas as of Feb 1993.

This is just a collection of stuff I used to develop
the HTML spec.

Included are translators:
from to
plaintext html
html mif
plaintext mif

and perhaps some others.

I was working on an extesible, object-oriented architecture
for dealing with SGML documents and MIME bodies.

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