Re: Subscription

Larry Masinter (
Fri, 15 Apr 1994 10:36:34 PDT

I wish the various list processors had an option where every mail
message sent out with them would contain a header:


or something. Maybe even make it a standard header instead of an x-

Obligatory www-talk discussion:

There are still a number of issues around 'mailto:' references:

a) I'd like a URI for 'mail retrieval' which contains the actual text
of the mail to be sent (for mail robots, listserv archives), and which
is different than the 'mailto:' kind of URL which identifies a person.

b) why is it 'mailto:person@host.dom' but not
'readnewsfrom:alt.test' and 'postnewsto:alt.test' vs. 'news:alt.test'.
Could it just be 'email:person@host.dom', since the 'resource' is the
mailbox, and not whether the mail is to it or from it?

Should the 'From: ....' field in HTTP be a URL instead of a mail