Re: Local program exection in WWW browsers

Reed Wade (
Fri, 15 Apr 1994 02:28:57 -0400

>> [ safe tcl stuff deleted ]

>This sounds like a reasonable approach, and I'm glad to see it
>happening. It seems like this is only half of what is needed, though.
>Presumably we want this interpreter to be able to interact with the
>WWW client after it is running. Offhand, I can think of at least two
>new commands you would want the untrusted interpreter; one to send the
>client a URL and have it go to and display it, and one to send a MIME
>message (which may be a part of a multipart structure the program was
>enclosed in, or HTML built on the fly, or whatever) to the client to
>be displayed as though it were sent by a server.

XMosaic does have a hack whereby you place a URL in a file, then
send it a signal. It's a bit primitive (you can't tell if it fails
or when it's loaded the thing) but it's a start.

Of course, the logical conclusion of all this is something in the
direction of the WWW client composed of a number of interoperating
parts, as described by Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund.

>>There is a mailing list (
>Is it archived somewhere?

I bet it is, I'll need to look around here someplace and get back
with you.

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