Re: Quality problems - AGREE!

James (
Thu, 14 Apr 1994 13:56:22 -0700 (PDT)

I can give one reason for giving the relocation message -- you may be
trying to migrate a server from one location to another. In that
instance, you'll want to leave up notices of the change for a while (long
enough for people to fix their pointers), but you don't want to leave up
the old server permanently. After all, what's the point of moving the
server if you've still got the old server giving out redirections? :)


On Thu, 14 Apr 1994 prosyst@Onramp.NET wrote:

> Jacob,
> I totally agree; plus, instead of giving a message like you
> sometimes get from a phone company, for example:
> "Sorry you must NOT dial a "1" in front of this number..."
> Why not just assume "no 1" and not bother with the message.
> In the case of "this xxx relocated to yyy," why not just
> link to "yyy" instead of bothering with the message, or,
> notify with the message and still link them there.