Re: The f****** BBC

Paul (
Thu, 14 Apr 1994 12:46:24 +0100 (BST)

@ $ Which reminds me, according to the BBC the net consists of _just_ the
@ $ WWW, email and, get this, BBSs.. Oh and the neo-nazis in Germany. And
@ $ who the hell was that guy, "The best known NetSurfer in the UK"?
@ Wavey Davey

Oh? Tell me more :)

@ Incidentally, if I understood it right the BBC are (via Pipex),
@ providing dial-up Internet access to the Great British Public
@ for ca. 5 UKP/month via their "Networking Club"(!)

Not quite *grin* Read what they are providing on:

Its a bit less than that from the sounds of things *grin* And they seem
to be insisting that you use their modem software :) Mind you if it is
#5 a month I wonder what that will do to Daemon et als pricing? A UK net
providers Pricewar?

So yeah, okay a bit of good might prevail. Im still worried about the
attitude that they are giving about the WWW :)

(BTW I cant access atm so dont try the above page for a
bit :)


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