Re: Multipart/mixed for many inline images (was Re: Toward Closure on HTML)

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Fri, 8 Apr 1994 21:18:36 GMT

-Bill P.( said:

> How should/would one send the multiple requests? It would not be feasible
> to say GET url1 url2 url3, as this would interfere with GET url HTTP/1.0.

I did not address this originally because my original post covered a different
senario. It now seems necessary, because the cost - money cost, for the real
world - of ignoring cached images is too great and because the overhead of
parsing the html files on the server side is also a drawback.

I was trying to get the HTTP spec to look at, but CERN is down (again) and the
HENSA cache doesn't have it, currently. Oh well. I was about to find an unused
character to join the urls with. This is analogous to using + for space when
sending queries with get.

Lets say & is unused. A possible syntax would be

GET multi&url1&url2&url3 HTTP/1.1

A problem I see with this - is there a max line length for a GET command?

Failing which we may be into using POST....

Sorry about the vagueness, folks; I must print out the spec next time it becomes

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