Re: Toward Closure on HTML

Becky Burnard (
Tue, 5 Apr 94 12:28:03 PDT

At 7:10 PM 4/5/94 +0000, Jim Davis wrote:
>4) There is a large demand from the user community for inline tables
>and images. If HTML does not provide these, people will stop using HTML.
>(I do not know how much demand there is for inline math)

As one who is currently buried in the user community--inline tables and
images are essential to what I want to do on the web. I also have converted
somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 technical papers to web-viewable format
for a workshop. They were heavily infested with math equations. I had to
take a screen capture of each one of them, and create a gif of it to be
used as an inline image. A *few* of the papers were prepared in LaTeX, and
I was able to get equations from those "for free" using the LaTeX to HTML
conversion program. (Thank you VERY MUCH!)

>5) as for the claim that forms should be a separate DTD - I don't see
>the benefit. HTML with forms is rapidly becoming a powerful way to
>implement application interfaces. there is a big demand for this feature.
>Indeed, I expect it to grow - The current forms behavior is a step
>towards fully programmable clients, and we may go that direction. When
>HTML is used in this way, it becomes something different from SGML +
>hyperlinks. You argue that you can't print a form, well so much the
>worse for printing. Eventually hypermedia has to become something
>BETTER than mere paper, better than paper with cross-links. it is
>folly to remove working features from the language just because they
>run only on silicon, not cellulose.

Whether it is separate or not--Please don't do away with forms! They are
the basis of a "limited-community" library ordering facility I am currently
building for a contract! I don't care about printing them, I want them

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