Re: Toward Closure on HTML

Stan Letovsky (letovsky-stan@CS.YALE.EDU)
Tue, 05 Apr 94 12:38:42 -0400

Subject: Re: Toward Closure on HTML
From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 94 10:29:44 CDT
To: letovsky-stan
cc: Multiple recipients of list <>
>> But the
>>bigger issue is that you are ignoring user preferences in favor
>>of anal-retentive coder preferences: no one but a parser-writer
>>would view <p> ... </p> as an elegant way to say "this is a
>Is it necessary to vent like this to the whole list? I'd prefer you
>sent your personal remarks in private email.

Was not intended as a personal remark. Should have added :-).
Sorry to have given offense.