URL equality

Thu, 31 Mar 1994 23:15:24 --100

[discussing how to define URL equality via the URL syntax]

Larry> the same host might have multiple DNS names, or that some FTP servers
Larry> allow case insensitive file names, any number of actual equivalences,
Larry> symbolic links, etc.

Dan> None of these things should be part of the URL spec. [...] Given the
Dan> definition of equality I proposed, http://host:80/ is different from
Dan> http://host/. The fact that they resolve to the same thing is not part
Dan> of the URL spec.

I must agree that we should avoid burdening the syntax with any conception
of equality beyond string equality. In the long run, if one wished to
checked for equality, one should check the associated URNs/URSNs.

If two URLs point to the same resource, all that signifies is there are two
ways to access the resource (two _locations_, if you will). URLs should be
concerned (almost) exclusively with access, not naming.

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