Re: heretical suggestion

Lou Montulli (
Sun, 27 Mar 1994 00:02:03 --100

> How about we take the state of the art of HTML plus forms as currently
> supported in Mosaic for X 2.2 -- and either fully supported or getting
> pretty damn close to being fully supported in a number of other
> browsers -- and issue an informational RFC within the next month or
> two, including a working & complete DTD.
> This would add some greatly-needed coherence -- "meat", if you will --
> to the WWW standards evolution process. And just think, we could
> actually register to get a real text/html MIME type finally. While
> having something that matches existing, widely-used implementations.
Are you kidding? And break with the long established WWW tradition of
undocumented features. If we had documentation we wouldn't need
WWW Wizards, and then what would they do? :)

On a more serious (and somewhat unrelated) note:
I would really like to get forms clients to send the
value of the "submit" button selected to the server. This
will enable multiple "submit" buttons to performs different functions
on the same data. Maybe a separate attribute is needed to specify
whether or not to send the submit value so that existing forms
are not broken. There was alot of discussion about this when
Xmosaic forms first came out but I don't think anything happened
with it.


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