Re: Future of meta-indices: site indexing proposal and Perl script

Steve Waterbury (
Fri, 25 Mar 1994 13:23:35 --100

Tim BL writes:

> Another possibility is to use
> <meta name="summary">
> MIT AI lab events, including seminars, conferences, and tours
> </meta>
> which has the advantage that it can be nested:
> <meta name="author">
> <meta name="name">Jane Doe</meta>
> <meta name="email"></meta>
> <meta name="urn">/people/1967/us/va/12437234hgj3246h</meta>
> </meta>
> ... [omissions] ... I am comparing it here with
> <author>
> <name>Jane Doe</name>
> <email></memail>
> <urn>/people/1967/us/va/12437234hgj3246h</urn>
> </author>

Agree with the desire for flexibility, but it might be good to
have certain frequently used data structures "standardized", such
as personal information. I don't know if the Internet Drafts for
"SGML-based Hierarchical Attribute/Value Encoding (SHAVE)"
(draft-adie-spci-00.*) and "SGML-based Personal Contact Information
(SPCI)" (draft-adie-shave-00.*) are still being seriously
considered (they are due to expire April 1994), but they seemed
like a good approach.

In particular, the SPCI document proposed an actual DTD for Personal
Contact Information.

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