Re: Collapsible/expandable list

Chris Wilson (
Thu, 24 Mar 1994 15:53:26 --100

Dave Raggett sez:
>Pei's suggestion of folded lists is an interesting one:
>I think FOLDED would read better, e.g.

Hmm. FOLDED doesn't seem to say anything about foldability, though, only if
the item is currently folded.

>Surely this is a sufficiently general mechanism which should apply
>to other elements e.g. OL, DL, FORM and DIVn ?

This was my initial thought also - wouldn't it make more sense to have an
enclosing <FOLDED> tag (or something like that), with an ALT attribute for
the text to use when folded? (Or TEXT, TITLE, whatever.) It seems that if
the leap is going to be made to expandable/compressible sections of HTML, it
should not be limited to just ULs.

-Chris Wilson