Collapsible/expandable list

Pei Y. Wei (wei@xcf.Berkeley.EDU)
Thu, 24 Mar 1994 02:57:26 --100

For HTML+, what do people think about adding an attribute to indicate
that an element is collapsible (click on a folder icon to toggle
shrink/expand a list)?

In this example, the sub list "HTML Stuff" starts out expanded,
and the other two sub lists start out collapsed.
<UL FOLD=NO LABEL="W3 Designs">
<LI>Stuff a.
<LI>Stuff b.
<LI>Stuff a.
<LI>Stuff b.
<LI><UL FOLD=YES LABEL="More Stuff">

The FOLD attribute specifies that the list is foldable. And the value
of that attribute specifies whether or not to fold the intial layout
of the list.

It should also take another attribute "LABEL" so that one can tell what
the folded list contains. Later on, maybe the <UL> could take the HREF
(or perhaps SRC?) attribute for pointing to the content of the list
(fetch the content of the list only when expanded).

This FOLD attribute would be good definitely for list elements like
<UL> and <OL>. But it could be useful for things like <XMP> etc as well.