Re: Future of meta-indices: site indexing proposal and Perl script

Kevin Altis (
Tue, 22 Mar 1994 19:35:56 --100

At 7:18 PM 3/22/94 +0000, Dave Raggett wrote:
>At some point in the future we may wish to extend HTTP
>to allow clients to request named portions of the document.
>Right now the #ID suffix is interpreted by the client, but there
>is now reason why with a suitable HTTP method (e.g. "EXTRACT")
>the server couldn't extract the contents of the named container
>and send that rather than the entire document.

Yes, in fact, if you have suitable tools on the server side, you should be
able to extract particular sections or pages of any document. So, you could
retrieve page 3-4 of a PostScript document, paragraph three on page 4 of a
Word document, a rectangle from 10,15 to 108,112 of a GIF image, etc. This
goes back to discussions on this list a year ago (maybe more?) when we were
talking about non-static HyperText references.