Re: X500 gateway sought for Solaris.

Paul (
Mon, 21 Mar 1994 15:21:44 --100

@ Paul Barker says:
@ PaulB> What do you want - a pointer to some code?
@ PaulB> I can also offer a pointer to another experimental gateway.
@ PaulB>
@ Could you supply the X500 -> WWW interface?

At the moment the code is still very much in the development stage
and new/important features are still being added to it all the time.
Currently it is able to do the following:

o UFN lookup
o DN lookup (not really a feature but needed)
o Uses 302 redirects to point a UFN search to the correct entry
o Uses the Brunel DNTree code to list multiple hits
o Browse below entry is almost finish
o Browse on a level with viewed entry pending
o Path configuration is now working. To see this enter via
The configuration there sets it up as if you were using a
client with its Local DIT set as Brunel.
o ``Hyperlinked'' "See Also"s
o ``Hyperlinked'' RFC822 mailaddresses.
o Uses Brunel's X.500 Query Engine. As far as we know this is
the only X.500/WWW gateway with this capability :)

The interface is working reasonably smoothly now, although it still
doesnt support images or sound at the moment. Hopefully it will do soon
one I get a URL naming scheme sorted out for them. In addition to this
the presentation needs sorting out. Any comments? Is the current output

I cant comment on the avaliability of the code since my boss is away at
the moment. He will be back next Monday so I dont feel as if I can make a
coment until he returns. In the mean time I hope that the above
description is a help.

@ NB: Solaris 2.3

I did try it under Solaris 2.3 in BC mode last week, and it seemed to
work quite well. The problem is however that I dont have ELF based ISODE
and DSAP libraries, (or for that matter a Solaris version of the Brunel
Query Engine), so I cant comment on how well it would work compiling
under Solaris.


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