Announcement of experimental online internet class (gna-p gna-internet-course)

Fri, 18 Mar 1994 23:58:07 --100

The Globewide Network Academy wishes to announce that it is currently
constructing an online class about how to use the internet. The class
consists of a hypertextbook which is being written, and a consultants
room where users can ask questions about the internet in real time.

The draft bootstrap document is enclosed. This document is intended to
provide the minimum amount of information needed to allow a new user to
access the class.

While parts of the class are currently operational, please realize
this all of this is experimental and that there will be "bugs" and
difficulties in conducting the course. This class is a prototype and
the lessons learned from conducting this class will be applied to
future online class offerings by the Globewide Network Academy.
Comments and criticisms about the class are welcome. (In particular,
I'm wondering if the bootstrap document is really all the information
needed to access the course).

Bootstrap document follows

Introduction to the Internet Bootstrap Document


The purpose of this document is to provide the minimum information needed to
access the GNA Introduction to the Internet Class.

What is the World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web [WWW] is a distributed HyperText system (a network of
documents connected by links which can be activated electronically). The
Introduction to the Internet class notes are located on WWW.

How do I get to the class notes?

Documents on WWW each have an address which is known as a universal resource
locator (or URL) and can be read on local machines using a program known as
a client. In order to get to the class notes ask your local system manager
about the commands needed to use WWW and to the address

If that fails.......

If this fails, try to execute the following command to enter WWW:


Once you are connected to the Web, enter the following command


I'm still lost.......

If all else fails, please e-mail the class coordinator ( with
your problem.