Re: The future of meta-indices/libraries?

Martin Hamilton (
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 12:37:59 --100

Rob Raisch said:

$ So...
$ I propose the GRIP -- Global Resource Identification Project -- where
$ -- managers of internet resources (a concept, to be clearly defined) are
$ provided with an IAFA-like template of a form along the lines of:
$ Name: Out Magazine
$ URL: gopher://
$ news://enews.out
$ Location: Palo Alto, CA
$ Description: The world's leading magazine of gay and lesbian
$ issues. Published monthly.
$ Keywords: Gay Lesbian Homosexual Queer Politics Entertainment
$ Category: Publications/Magazines
$ Politics/Gay and Lesbian Issues
$ Culture/Human Sexuality
$ Abstract: {URL which points to a long description}

Methinks this stuff would sit nicely in the URC (URM? URT?) :-)

(See for more info)

Rob - was that what you had in mind?

$ -- the filled in template is retrieved on a regular basis from the
$ resource site and used to create a number of navigation tools:
$ Under gopher:
$ Publications/
$ Magazines/
$ Out Magazine/
$ Information --> the text of the template
$ To connect --> points to the actual resource
$ Also incorporated in similar ways into databases accessable via
$ WAIS/WWW/Whois++ etc.

I've just had one of those rare (for me!) "Eureka!" moments...

Have the resource author embed (at least) categorizing info in their
resource's meta-info (e.g. <head> element in HTML or gopher item
attributes), and robots can pick these up directly.

Next question: where do the categories come from?!?

How about the Interpedia ? ;-)