Re: The future of meta-indices/libraries?

Martijn Koster (
Tue, 15 Mar 1994 21:25:57 --100 wrote:

> At 7:54 PM 3/15/94 +0000, Peter Deutsch wrote:
> >Actually, we do plan to add this capability to the archie
> >server system in the very near future. For WWW there's the
> >obvious problem of what to index, since there is no real
> >useful meta-info in the URL itself (how many copies of
> >"default.html" are there, anyways? :-) so at this point
> >we'd be happy to be told what to collect and serve.
> Following existing practices with FTP, Gopher, etc. these lists can be made
> available at the root of a Web server with a special file name

> Much of the above text may be obvious, but I haven't seen it said on this
> list, so comment away.

I agree it all sounds very sensible :-) Have a look at ALIWEB, it does
exactly what a number of people have suggested in this thread: It's
Archie-Like Indexing in the WEB. It uses an index file format based
on the IAFA templates, and combines it into a searcheable database.

It has been designed, implemented, and tested since September last
year, and has been running happily for months, with currently
about 50 Web sites participating. Everbody is invited to participate.

I won't go into too much detail here; All the (recently revamped)
documentation, and implementation is reacheable from

Do have a look; I agree with you all this is a problem that needs to
be addressed, and that this is a sensible way to go about doing it.

I must apologise in advance for any problems in getting to this
material: part of the UK Internet between me and the rest of the world
is playing up severely.

-- Martijn
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