Re: Whence came 'URC'?

Martin Hamilton (
Fri, 11 Mar 1994 18:35:27 --100

Hi Dan, you said:

$ URC: Uniform Resource Citation. A set of attribute/value pairs
$ describing an object. Some of the values may be URIs of various kinds.
$ Others may include, for example, athorship, publisher, datatype, date,
$ copyright status and shoe size. Not normally discussed as a short
$ string, but a set of fields and values with some defined free
$ formatting.
$ [I'd also suggest: MD5 signature, Message-ID, etc.]
$ What discussion forum did this come from?

The IETF URI working group - anyone who's interested should
probably check out the archive at


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$ I think this is the critical facility in all this Open Hypermedia
$ stuff... URI's are a key part, but they're mostly just distributed
$ filesystem techniques. URC's are the key to reliable, links that
$ degrade gracefully.
$ Uniform Citations (I called them "references" in past postings)
$ are the key... This is probably where HyTime ideas will be most
$ applicable and valuable. I certainly hope URC's will be expressible in
$ HyTime (even if they are usually expressed in some more convenent
$ syntax...)

Care to elaborate ? :-)